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Established in 2013

Folks, welcome Flexibilia Recordings! The new imprint by Plasteline Publishing came to life to serve SAE Athens’ fresh talent in electronic music production. Bounded by no musical or aesthetic restrictions, the label’s 360° approach to releasing music promises to cover any possible taste while maintaining high production standards.

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About us

The Electronic Music Production department at SAE Athens presents an innovative approach to music technology and production. The EMP2 training program comprises targeted lectures that enhance creativity. They also support further development at a technical level.

As part of the practical training, students co-create in one-on-one sessions with reputable professional producers. We assign mentors to students according to music preference and production style. This workflow helps at a technical and creative level while driving maximum flexibility during the creation process. Students get plenty of room to practice their production skills and express their sonic ambitions.

We then bundle the resulting tracks into digital releases on Flexibilia and Plasteline Recordings thematically. Finally, we make those available on major platforms such as Apple Music, Youtube, Beatport, and Spotify, to name just a few. In parallel, we promote the releases through traditional and digital channels, like Get Synched, Facebook, Mailchimp, and conventional email marketing. This way, upcoming artists enjoy standing next to the biggies of the international music industry.

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